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My Ledger Office360 : Keep your Accounts / Ledger Book on fingertip

New way to manage your accounts, keeps your data in your pocket.

We know how hard it is to manage the data while managing the business. From putting entries to writing off the bill, Accountant has to manage it all. Also comes a important job of maintaining all the data date-wise so that you find the data when you need it the most.

Normally to record all the data, most Accountant use a register to store data manually as per their dates. These means of storage can have their pros and cons, they can be damaged or lost, it is hard to keep the data up-to-date and secure because of it. If we want to update any existing entry, we have to create a new for this purpose. Which consume a whole lot of time and space. The task of keeping data up-to-date is very hard yet an important job to do so. If you miss any entry, it can cause great trouble to the business and the client as well.

My Ledger Office360 makes this work way simpler. The days of using such typical handwritten register and searching a particular entry according to date and client in the whole storage are long gone. We have brought to you a new way to manage all your Accounts, trasaction and even clients with a facility to search for them with just one tap.

With the help of My Ledger Office360, You won't have to make new entries of your transaction every time you need to update them, you just have to select the entries you want to update and the app will do the rest for you.

My Ledger Office360 also give facilities like adding clients, removing any entry, bill printing and what not.

So say goodbye to all the old ways to manage your Accounts, and without having to delay, get My Ledger Office360 now, an app having simple user interaction with easy-to-use features.

What we do?

At My Ledger Office360, Our motive is to provide a product which makes work more easier and flexible. Our Team is committed to help user and make the product more user-friendly.

My Ledger Office360 is an emerging Account Management Application. And We're constantly working on the application to add more and more features to it. We have created My Ledger Office360 in a way that a user with no accounting background or degree can also use it very easily and efficiently.

We will be happy to hear from you. For any suggestions/feedback/queries, feel free to contact us at : support@infinitetechnology.in


My Ledger Office360 is an Account Management Application aimed at providing simple solutions to the Business in the management of their Accounts, Reports, Transactions and Other Day-To-Day Activities.

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